Why Outdoor Camping is Good for Your Health

Working out, relaxing, and eating organic food – these are just some of the most common answers you will get if you ask some people about the activities that will make us healthier.


Of course, the answers mentioned above are right, but aside from them, there are so many other unconventional activities you can try to do that are beneficial to your health, such as outdoor camping.

Outdoor Camping

Outdoor camping isn’t only a wonderful way we can improve our health, it’s also an amazing way we can reconnect with our family or friends. But, how can outdoor camping benefit our health?


First of all, since camping usually comes with moderate hiking or walking, it will definitely help you strengthen your leg muscles. Aside from that, walking or hiking is good for your heart and can lower your cholesterol levels.


You don’t usually bring food from fast food chains during camping. In camping, you can count on fresh, organic food being prepared and you will get the chance to eat healthier food options than what you normally eat in the city.


Getting exposed to nature means getting exposed to fresh air. Fresh air can have an incredible effect on our health and could help in cleansing our lungs. It is also a huge stress reliever. My friend who runs a stressful business Steele Carpet Cleaning Calgary, swears that his yearly camping trips are what keeps him sane. 


Outdoor camping gives you the opportunity to be exposed to the sun; and the morning sun is a great source of Vitamin D, which is good for the skin as well as the bones.


Aside from its clear benefits to your physical health, camping can also have a positive impact on our mental health. Because camping requires doing tasks such as setting up tents and starting a campfire, it will sharpen our problem-solving skills. Also, because of hiking and walking, our body can effectively release stress and we will have a fresh dose of endorphins; thus, improving our overall mood.