Country Life VS City Life

Relocating to a village in the countryside from a city (or vice versa) can be a lot to take at first, especially if you don’t know what to expect from the new life you are planning to build.


To save you from the culture shock of moving to a rural or an urban area, you have to know which changes you can expect to happen.


City Life


You can use many different words to describe living in the city, and one of them is ‘busy’. Since the city life is directly related to having a mostly busy life, you can expect time to pass a lot faster. Everything can be lively, even during late hours.


As almost everything is fast, you can also look forward to getting easy or quick access to many things – easy access to fast food chains, pizza delivered to your doorstep in less than an hour, next day delivery for online purchases you have made.


You have access to various forms of transportation, too – buses, cabs, trains, and even ferries.


Millions of people move to the city with the same intent – to make their dreams come true. Because of this, you can expect that you may have many rivals for the job position you are applying for.


Country Life


Country life can be considered as the exact opposite of city life. Living in the country can be serene, peaceful, and relaxing.


Houses in the country are usually apart from each other, so you can also expect a quiet, undisturbed life.


In the country, you may have to cook your own food every time. While others may view this as a major inconvenience, this can actually be an advantage and a chance for you to cook healthy meals from fresh, organic ingredients all the time. It can also help you save money since you don’t have to eat at fancy restaurants just for you to get a decent meal.


Since the establishments (and even houses) in the village can be miles away from each other, getting your own car is usually necessary. Interaction with other people is also limited – which could be great if you want to be independent at all times.