Arleen’s Rustic Living was created to give everyone a better look at the beauty of living the unsophisticated, simple life in the country.

There’s no denying that rustic living can be challenging, but it could be incredibly fulfilling and peaceful too.

Arleen’s Rustic Living can make us realize the good in having a classic, country life and leaving the comforts of living in the city behind.

About Arleen

Arleen was born and lived in the countryside before she moved to the city for college. Living a fast-paced life in the city did not make Arleen forget her roots and has even made her love her simple, tranquil life before in the rural area even more.

Arleen then decided to share all the wonderful things about rustic living so that people can open their eyes to the beauty of living in the country. She hopes to provide more useful information to anyone wanting to try living rustically, too.

Being an inherent nature-lover, Arleen aims to promote conservation of Earth’s natural beauty as well. She strongly believes that nature is an important gift from God that shouldn’t just be cherished, but at the same time, protected.

Through Arleen’s Rustic Living, Arleen wishes to help others have better understanding of the importance of our environment.